From Broken to Hope

To lift up others or to be lifted by others

Struggling With Depression...
Hoping to be happy again. I have seen some good days and some very sad ones. But I have found great support from the people here..
From A Broken Marriage..
To Finding Happiness. Before, greed, selfishness, lust, buying into the media and more almost caused me to lose my spouse and my family. I am grateful for another chance.
From Felony Convictions..
A promising career. God was it hard! My life as an ex-felon had been a series of challenges after challenges. I overcame one, another one was waiting for me. It takes courage and support to fight... no short cuts.


We are glad to have you here because every time you log on the forum, we believe something amazing is going to happen. Why! Because you are amazing; whether you believe it now or don’t believe it yet.
Wherever you are; FromBroken2Hope Network and the rest of your brothers and sisters from your own country and around the world will join with you to let you know that you are not alone in your struggle and help you walk toward HOPE. Or they will tell you how they have overcome that same struggle you are going through right now and what strategy, change, transformation that are keeping them going.
FromBroken2Hope’s platform is there to help you and those who want to make a difference in their own communities or around the world. We will laugh, cry, struggle and hope together. Each of us is born for greatness; but we need to understand the formula for greatness to reach it. The formula is Flaws + Hope + Endurance = Greatness.
This is a safe place. The Network is not looking for recognition, accolades or attention. We just simply want to help people. The purpose behind the forum is to show love, lift people up or to be lifted up with love. You are your brothers and sisters keepers. At the same time, if you are hurting, you need to let your brothers and sisters know.
Our goal for you is to keep your story to a level of discretion. Giving people or receiving HOPE never involves money. The best advice, a shoulder to cry on and more sometimes are worth more than gold. FromBroken2Hope does not recommend you to send or expect monetary transaction to anyone. The goal is “To lift others or to be lifted by others.” Alone we are weak; together we are strong. Watch the video!

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